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Dear Parents,
The management is grateful to our parents, teachers and staff and above all our students for their continued faith in the educational goals that we stand for. It is their support and encouragement that keeps us going. We all realize that education is a foundational building block for achieving nearly every other development goal and for fulfilling the dreams of a nation. Excellence in education can only be achieved if all children, irrespective of caste, creed, income, region, location, get access to quality education. Only by educating the largest number we can hope to get the best collective achievements.

We are conscious that our efforts at Spring Dale are a mere drop in the ocean in the larger endeavour of the nation to provide education to all. Ultimately, it is the state that has to ensure access to universal elementary quality education. Right to education is the starting point of this endeavour and much more needs to be done to fulfil this dream. We continue to meet our RTE commitments as a part of this responsibility. Along with that we are also striving hard to provide education to others at affordable rates. With the larger thrust towards privatization and marketization costs of basic infrastructure is skyrocketing and the constricted market for jobs is pushing for bringing exclusivity in pedagogy and create branding in education. We are trying our best to tread this delicate balance with the best of our abilities.

Simplicity with quality is our goal and we hope that we can create a benchmark model in the long run, of how not to corporatize education and yet be self-sufficient. More specifically, every year we tread this balance by improving our infrastructure and by enhancing our pedagogic capacities; without too much financial burden on the parents. On the infrastructural front the changes done are - power backup; fire safety; environmental safeguards, e-waste management eco-friendly recycling, refurbishment and reuse of electronics; up gradation of labs, use of contemporary software and IT in teaching, regular student-teacher-parent interaction, and in school administration; consolidating security measures and installation of CCTV cameras; creation of professionally approved playing fields at LDA branch, a sports arena at Indira Nagar branch; audio-visually equipped class rooms; and fully equipped infirmary with trained staff. We propose to continue working in this direction of improving the infrastructure and additionally focus much more on bringing even greater improvements within the classroom on teaching and learning methods. Our focus will always be to improve teaching learning processes, by holding student and teacher workshops, improving the library and other classroom facilities. We seek your feedback and co-operation to further improve in our endeavours to fulfil this shared vision around elementary education.