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Our Founders


Mr. B.S. Sood and Mrs. Krishna Sood the founders of Spring Dale Institution were great visionaries

As a young man Mr. Sood always believed in doing charitable work, he also supported people who took the initiative to open schools. This involvement gradually became his dream – to provide quality education en masse to students from middle and lower income families. To give shape to his dreams, he and his wife, Mrs. Krishna Sood sowed the seeds of the institution on 14 th January in 1970 with five children on roll. It was from this humble beginning at Mahanagar, that Spring Dale Institution began to expand over the years; following their dream of giving quality education at an affordable fee to every child who entered the school. The founders started a new branch at Indira Nagar in the year 1978 and another one in the year 1991 at Kanpur Road. With the growing demands and further perusal of the founders’ dream in the year 2008 a branch at Gomti Nagar was also established. Currently there are three full-fledged branches under its flagship imparting education to more than 4000 students on board.

The rigorous curriculum and its comprehensive implementation, trains our students aptly and prepares them to make a mark in the outside world. Many of our students have gained admission in top universities and institutes in the fields of medicine, engineering, management, social sciences and liberal arts. Students of Spring Dale excel in both academics as well as in the other fields. Every student who enters the institution is not merely trained in academics but we try our best to help students become versatile individuals and help them imbibe the ideals which our founders stood by - hard work, commitment and honesty. The institution offers a learning environment that is not limited to a traditional classroom but specifically developed to support thinking. Students and teachers are constantly upgraded and supported as they hone their capabilities with new teaching learning practises. The present members of the management committee comprising
Major S. K. Khanna, Mrs. Reeta Khanna, Dr. Atul Sood, Dr. Navsharan Singh and Mrs. Sangita Midha are leaving no stone unturned to carry forward the founders’ dream and mission to make the institution reach its zenith.