We miss the comfort of your presence in these times when the loss of colleagues and loved ones leaves us deeply saddened. The cruelty of the pandemic seems limitless. But your memory is a blessing, it will reside forever in our hearts and give us strength.
Madam Krishna Sood ..the guiding light of Spring Dale Institution, her blessings guide us at each and every step as we gradually move on treading the path shown by her..She  her self was an embodiment of virtues who always led by example. The compassion she had,the strong will with which she faced all challenges,the dedication Which she possessed and the path of righteousness showed by her have been and still are the pillars of this institution. Her comforting memories will always reside in our hearts and never deter us from our mission to fulfill her vision .
To pay  homage to our dear founder Mrs. Sood…this year’s special assembly conducted virtually  on 7th June was but an ode  to the values engrained by her in every Spring Dale’ian. We reiterate our commitment with renewed aspirations towards a new dawn which awaits us …